Finished moving over tutorials!
I've finally finished moving over the old tutorials to the new site. You can find them .[][here]. Now that that's done, I'll be working on the new Direct3d 12 tutorials!
Tutorials section
Part of the new website is a tutorials section which will make writing tutorials for me easier, and where you are free to create your own tutorials if you wish. You will be able to bookmark tutorials and tutorial collections so you can quickly find them if you want~ If you find any mistakes, bugs or glitches in the tutorials or website, let me know or write a comment for the tutorial!
Questions section
I\'ve decided to go with a questions section rather than a forum. I think that\'ll be more useful and straightforward for this site. Feel free to ask any question you have. I understand that sometimes a \"correct\" answer isn\'t good enough and another answer is needed, so don\'t worry about \"duplicate\" questions (I really found that annoying on other sites)
DirectX 12 Tutorials Coming soon!
This is the new and hopefully improved Braynzar Soft website! I hope you enjoy! I've decided to remake the whole site in preparation of DirectX 12, which i'm planning on writing some tutorials for. I'm also planning on rewriting the old directx 10 and 11 tutorials first on the new site so i can get an actual feel for how easy it is to write tutorials using this system, and will change anything to make it easier for me and anybody else. send me a pm if you have anything to say! If you are looking for the directx 10 and 11 tutorials, you can find them at the old site: .[][DirectX 10], .[][DirectX 11]