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The Week of Awesome IV
For all you innovative game programmers out there, I'd like to direct you to the fourth annual **.[][Week of Awesome]** GDNet community competition! Get your team together (or participate alone if you dare), pack up your creative bags and head over there! Your team will have **1 week** to make the most imaginative and fun game possible~ This years team to place first currently gets a **$300** cash prize The competition starts **August 8th** and ends on **August 14th** I will not be participating this year myself (I do plan on it next year though!), so anybody not participating is invited to stand with me on the sidelines and cheer on the teams! You can find the rules on the GDNet thread posted by *slicer4ever* **.[][here]** If you wish to become a sponsor for the event, please contact *.[][slicer4ever]* *Good luck and have fun!*
The DirectX 12 Font tutorial is done!
I've finished the last tutorial i plan on writing, which is the .[][DirectX 12 font tutorial]. I hope you enjoy it! As I mentioned in the font tutorial, the tutorials section is open for anybody that wants to write tutorials. I would be very happy to read any of your tutorials~ So i definitely encourage you to write at least one tutorials, not only so I can read it myself, but also for you. Writing tutorials can be time consuming, but you really get to know a lot more about the subject you are writing your tutorials on, as well as get practice in with the subject! In the future, I *may* write a tutorial on augmented reality, how to read a qr code in javascript, and possibly a collection of game architecture tutorials, but don't hold your breath, it won't be for quite a while if i decide to do it. In the meantime, any question you may have can go in the Questions section, which i will keep an eye on. PM me if you want to contact me personally for any reason. Have fun making games!
First Direct3D 12 Tutorial finished!
You can find the Braynzar Soft Initializing Direct3D 12 tutorial .[][here]. It's been a while since i've written a tutorial, so if you see anything that is confusing or anything i might change, let me know~
Finished moving over tutorials!
I've finally finished moving over the old tutorials to the new site. You can find them .[][here]. Now that that's done, I'll be working on the new Direct3d 12 tutorials!