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Login and Register are now fixed~
Finally got around to fixing the http to https for logging in and signing in
Sign in is broken too
Will get this fixed as well
Sign up is currently broken
Thank you Zhiwei Du for letting me know on SO. I was worried there may be this exact issue somewhere after i moved over to https. I will get that fixed this evening and post here once i do. If anybody needs to reach me when my site is not working, I'm on all the time and can receive your private messages. My profile at is .[][]
Site is now encrypted
I've decided to finally install an SSL Certificate on the site, so all traffic is now encrypted. I read about how Google was going to start marking http sites with logins as insecure so decided it was time to get https going. There was an added bonus to getting https up and running, and that is the website loads much faster now! There are a couple things that make the https protocol faster, but a big one is that with http, you can only have one stream for a tcp connection, where all requests are processed in order, you can only download one thing at a time, but with https, you can have multiple streams for a tcp connection, so many parts of a web page can be downloading at the same time, if that makes any sense~