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Week of Awesome V
For all you innovative game developers out there, I'd like to direct you to the **fifth annual** .[][Week of Awesome] GDNet community competition! Get your team together (or participate alone if you dare), pack up your creative bags and head over there! Your team will have **1 week** to make the most imaginative and fun game possible~ This years team to place first, second, or third gets a **cash prize!** The competition starts **August 7th, 00:01 (EST timezone)** and ends **August 13th (23:59 EST timezone)** I will be participating this year, and still need an artist, so let me know if you're an artist and would like to join me! You can find the rules on the GDNet thread posted by slicer4ever .[][here] If you wish to become a sponsor for the event, please contact .[][slicer4ever] Good luck and have fun!
Come Chat!
If anybody wants to come chat with me, or other game developers, come to the gamedev or braynzar soft discord chat. Braynzar Soft discord chat server: Sorry for the expired link, didn't realize discord put an expiration By default on the link. Here is the updated permanent invite link: .[][] discord chat server: .[][]
Login and Register are now fixed~
Finally got around to fixing the http to https for logging in and signing in
Sign in is broken too
Will get this fixed as well